It’s Time to Stop Hating LeBron James

In 2010 when LeBron James took his talents to South Beach he didn’t know he was bringing a lightning rod for criticism along with him.  As a Bulls fan, James was the villain for years.  The Bulls had their best championship shot since the Jordan years and LeBron just kept breaking my heart by eliminating the Bulls year after year.  I hated Lebron because he was great.  I hated Lebron because my team wasn’t good enough to get past him.  I justified my hate by saying it was “The Decision” that irked me so.

Over the past seven years, those who don’t have LeBron playing for their favorite team root against him because “he left Cleveland.”  With every finals loss the world would rejoice, LeBron lost again! What we are not realizing is, LeBron is a generational talent that we, as sports fans, are able to watch first hand.  Though we’ve hated the man, he has shown the game nothing but respect for the 14 years he has been in the league.  Not once has LeBron got into legal trouble, been caught in a scandal of any kind or belittled the league in any way.

Yes, he created the super-team era.  Yes, he flops.  Yes, he rests.  However, the Warriors have created the super team 2.0 and most would rather the Warriors win than the Cavaliers.  EVERYONE flops these days, Ginobili flops more often than LeBron, yet most love Ginobili and hate LeBron.  The Spurs have been resting their players for years and it was considered genius by Coach Pop, the league only started having problems with resting once LeBron took a seat.

LeBron is continuously hated for a new reason every day, yet when others do the exact same excuses are made.  It’s time to stop pretending, you hate LeBron because he’s not on your team.

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