AaronAaron “Shariz” Shariq is a Chicago native, growing up predominately on the City’s south side.  While a child Aaron played a wide variety of sports thanks to his family’s belief that children shouldn’t be held to one sport.  The love of the outdoor activities and childhood innocence of playing with friends led to Aaron’s love of organized sports which continues to blossom over time.  Even the nickname “Shariz” has roots in sports.  If one could get their hands on the Water Polo page of De La Salle Institute’s 2012 yearbook they will find the misspelling of Aaron’s last name, Shariq, in the sentence “Goalkeeper Aaron Shariz…”

Currently, Aaron is taking his love of sport from childhood play to adult analysis.  Aaron co-hosts “The TJ and Shariq Show” for Chicagoland Sports Radio, an internet sports station.  Aaron uses this as an outlet to promote his podcast and person blogs, and  Aaron has also taken his knowledge back to his former high school, De La Salle, where he is a swimming and water polo coach.  Aaron is learning the necessary tools to continue in the field of sports broadcasting at the Illinois Media School where he will graduate from in the fall of 2017.

Aaron is looking to continue learning and perfecting his skills in all media aspects; audio, journalism and video.  Aaron writes for his personal blogs and hopes to continue his love of writing at a higher level where he could reach a larger audience.  Aaron also looks to continue his radio career which has become a passion of his, also branching out to podcasts and other audio publications.  Aaron is also honing his social media skills using multiple platforms to improve the “Shariz the Sports Wiz” brand.

If you would like to contact Aaron, he would love to hear from you! Aaron can be contacted at